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Black Note Transcriptions was founded in 2018 to achieve one main mission: to provide, support, and teach the skills of music transcription and digital software notation. Since its inception, many transcriptions and arrangements have been created for satisfied musicians worldwide. Following the belief that all musicians can learn to transcribe, the Blog and Video channel were started to encourage the education of this essential musical skill. Created by two music educators and professional performers, Black Note Transcriptions focuses on providing premium, professional services, while sharing career experience and knowledge with customers and fans. Offering transcriptions, arrangements, reductions, and engraving services, the team at Black Note is ready to help you with your next project. Get in touch now here.


Ali McLeod - Co-Founder

Hailing from Edinburgh, Scotland, Ali McLeod maintains a multi-dimensional career as a drummer, producer, transcriptionist, and Co-founder of Black Note Transcriptions. As a recent graduate with his M.M. in Contemporary Performance & Production from Berklee College of Music, Ali currently lives in Valencia, Spain and works as a freelance producer and gigging drummer. “Ali is a great musician and a very tenacious, hard-working person,” said pianist and composer Polo Orti. Ali is looking forward to returning to his hometown of Edinburgh, where he will be opening his own recording studio. To learn more about Ali and his work as a producer, visit his website:

Ali McLeod - Co-Founder of Black Note Transcriptions

Sarah Martinson - Co-Founder of Black Note Transcriptions

Sarah Martinson - Co-Founder

Also a recent graduate of Berklee College of Music’s graduate program, Sarah Martinson started her musical career in her hometown Anchorage, Alaska. As a former high school music educator turned professional musician and recording artist, Sarah approaches Black Note Transcriptions with a wide perspective and understanding of musicians’ needs. Living in Valencia, Spain and currently working for Berklee, Sarah enjoys running, the beach, and working on her debut album, set to release in July 2019.