How do you determine pricing?

We have different base prices for each kind of transcription in our Quote Request Form. Our prices start as low as $15/minute of music! We then let you choose the complexity of the project – Beginner (-20% of the base price), Intermediate (price stays the same), or Advanced (+20% of the base price). We have some other add ons, such as chord changes and a faster delivery time. For custom jobs, we evaluate each job’s specifications and match the price accordingly based on how complex the project is and how many hours our professional team members will spend completing it.

What’s the referral discount code?

Every account holder has a discount code in their profile. If you like using Black Note Transcriptions, share your referral code with a friend! If they create an account and use the code on their first project purchase, they’ll get 10% off instantly! As a thank you, a 10% discount will be applied automatically to your next order.

Friends can only use your code on their very first order.