Our Arrangement Process

Send us an audio file or sheet music, and we can arrange the music for you in any way you can imagine.

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Song on YouTube?

Get an instant quote now for your next notation project! Just copy and paste the URL of your audio from Youtube below. If the music isn’t on YouTube, you can send us an audio file under the section titled “Not on YouTube” and we will get back to you within 24 hours for a custom quote.

Not On YouTube

If your audio is not on YouTube, don’t worry! Simply upload your audio file and we will get back to you with a custom quote within 24 hours.

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    Gracie Laboy, Recording Artist

    My experiences with Black Note Transcriptions have been nothing but great. They are reliable, and will complete the transcriptions in the time frame needed by the client. Their transcriptions are detailed and accurate. They transcribed “Molasses,” a song by Hiatus Kaiyote that I had been wanting to perform for years – this song is incredibly difficult, but they did the transcription with ease and accuracy. They also did a funk/R&B arrangement complete with a horn section of one of my favourite jazz standards, “Just Friends,” to better fit my voice and vibe. I have enjoyed working with Black Note Transcriptions, and look forward to using their services again!

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    Custom Arrangements

    We can create a custom arrangement of any piece of music specifically for your ensemble and needs. We understand the needs of different levels of students and love creating custom arrangements for educational groups.

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    We can change the instrumentation of a piece of music to fit your needs. Whether it’s orchestrating a rock song for a choral group or orchestrating a piano piece for 4 flutes, we’ve got you covered!

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    Change The Style

    We will arrange the music to fit any new style that you would like! For example, we could Arrange Adele’s ‘Hello’ in a hard rock style, or arrange a jazz standard in an R&B/Hip Hip style; the possibilities are endless!

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    We can rewrite the harmony of the music per your request. You won’t need to tell us exactly what to do. You can request for a song to be reharmonised to fit a certain mood or vibe.

    If you have an original melody that you want to be harmonised and turned into a full piece of music, we can work together on that as well.

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    Horn Part Creation

    We will compose original horn parts for your original song or arrangement. We can write for any combination of horns.

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    String Part Creation

    We will compose original string parts for your original song or arrangement. We can write for any combination of strings.